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Computer Imaging for Your Clinic, Website, and Apps

Whether you're an established clinic looking to offer the best services to your patients or a brand new surgeon building up your practice, we have something for you.

First, join our referral network. Our imaging apps are used by thousands of prospective patients everyday worldwide. We've processed over 1 million photos to date. While our focus has been on helping patients visualize the results they want, many patients inquire with us for local consultations with surgeons and we only refer these patients to surgeons we know and trust.

Second, if you're looking for an easy yet powerful computer imaging product to use in your clinic's desktop computers, you should purchase FaceTouchUp Desktop Edition. It is the only computer imaging product that works natively on both Mac OS and Windows. Unlike competing products, FaceTouchUp Desktop Edition comes with a generous license to use on as many computers in your clinic and is focused on just the core features you need to do quick consults and get on with your day.

Third, if you have a website you should add FaceTouchUp to your site. Instead of losing patients to a competing doctor's site who has FaceTouchUp, why not add the tool to your site and be the leading provider of FaceTouchUp in your local area. We'll brand and personalize the tool for your practice and you only pay if lots of patients use the tool on your site.

And finally, we build advanced mobile apps for plastic and bariatric surgery clinics that would like to secure their presence on iTunes and Google Play. Mobile apps with our digital imaging technology are very effective in marketing campaigns and retaining prospective patients. We're experts in mobile apps and can have your app built in 2-4 weeks at a reasonable cost.

Click on a product to learn more or contact us to discuss your specific needs.


FaceTouchUp on Your Site

Add your personalized version of FaceTouchUp to your clinic's website to attract patients and increase conversions.


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“What will I look like after surgery?” - Every patient asks this question and now our desktop software can help you answer.


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Claim your place in the app stores for an additional stream of consults and engaged patients.


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