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Visualize The New You™

FaceTouchUp is the premier tool for visualizing plastic surgery results.


From the privacy of your own home, visualize as many plastic surgery results as you want on your own photos at your own pace.


If you’re on the fence on plastic surgery or feel uneasy about it, use this tool and see if the changes are really worth it.


Send your ideal virtual 'after' photo to one of our top surgeons for a consultation or share with your pre-existing plastic surgeon.


No complicated software to download or install. FaceTouchUp is the easiest online plastic surgery simulator program out there, and you can try it now!

So Easy to Use…Watch this Video!

See how we perform virtual plastic surgery and aesthetic simulation using FaceTouchUp’s advanced online imaging tool!

In this video we upload a couple of photos and simulate virtual rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and neck lifts to see what the potential outcome might look like after cosmetic surgery.

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Online Plastic Surgery At Your Fingertips

This is GREAT! I am so happy I found this nose job simulator. It helps me know what I will look like and what exactly I want done. Thanks!

- Happy FaceTouchUp User from Riverside, California

This is an amazing program. I am considering rhinoplasty and FaceTouchUp really does help you put into perspective what you want. Thank you for helping me out.

A FaceTouchUp user in New Zealand

Thank you so much for offering this program. It’s helped me so much in my journey to find the right surgeon and it’s given me the ability to show my surgeon exactly what I want. I LOVE FaceTouchUp!”

Plastic Surgery Patientin Boston, MA