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An App For Your Medical Practice

Over 50% of web traffic today is on mobile. While most clinics have mobile-responsive websites, much less offer native mobile apps on the Apple App Store & Google Play. This presents an opportunity for savvy clinics who value having a presence wherever their customers are.

Whether you're a plastic or bariatric surgery clinic, FaceTouchUp can build you a specialized app to facilitate patient communication and secure your presence in the app stores.

Our apps are best-in-class and include the following features that patients love:
  • Simulation technology that attracts patients and helps them explore potential results after surgery
  • Your practice information, including bio and services offered
  • Your gallery of before and after photos
  • Easy access to your pre & post-op instructions
  • Your live Twitter feed & YouTube videos to attract and educate patients on the go
  • Instagram & Facebook pages to increase your following
  • Professional look and feel customized to your practice’s logos and brand
  • Monthly app performance reports and optimization
  • Our apps are compatible with the latest iOS and Android devices.
  • Ability to add customized features specific to your clinic's needs such as weightloss and nutrition tracking modules, encyclopedia of medical terms your patients may run into, and more!

Features Your Clients Will Love

Simulate Potential Surgical Results

Patients can explore a multitude of potential results in just minutes on their smart phone. Simple intuitive controls allow anyone to quickly master the app. Provide your patients a tool to help them communicate and explore what change they'd like to make. Patient can easily send their photo to evaluate feasibility and book consultations. All photos are watermarked with your clinic and app name to encourage word of mouth growth.

Compare Simulated Results with Original

Not only can patients simulate surgical results but with FaceTouchUp they can also compare their simulated results with the original photo of themselves that they started with. Patients can choose to view their before/after photos side by side or show the changes they applied gradually.

Always Accessible Before/After Gallery

Your before/after gallery is always accessible wherever the patient is. Photos are grouped by procedure type. Patients can quickly swipe through photos. Captions and multiple photos per patient are supported. Gallery is synchronized with your website so no additional overhead is required in managing your app's gallery.

Optimized to Generate Consults

Most serious patients using the app will send in their simulated before/after photo to your clinic through our request consultation form for an evaluation. This provides an opportunity for your clinic to engage with the patient, answer questions, and book an appointment.

What Surgeons Are Saying About Our Apps

Dr. Paul Nassif
"I wanted to provide a one stop resource where anyone can learn about a potential surgery and book an appointment at any place and at any time. This app has just about everything, and people are impressed with its ability to visualize a surgical procedure right on the screen. Overall, good feedback’s been reported, and more is expected to come."
Dr. Philip Miller
"Working with FaceTouchUp has been a delight. Professional, efficient, and prompt; FaceTouchUp delivered as described and surpassed my expectations. It was a pleasure to work with them and I recommend them highly."
Julie Garner -
Gulf Coast Facial Plastics
"If you are looking to build an App and want to work with a professional company then consider FaceTouchUp! They took the time to answer all my questions before we signed up which made my decision a lot easier. Getting started was simple and straight forward and we were very impressed with the process. We love our Virtual Plastic Surgery App. Thank you for your hard work!"


How much does your service cost?

Creating an app from scratch is usually too expensive for most clinics. We have built a platform that allows clinics to rapidly build mobile apps at a fraction of the cost it would cost to hire your own developer. We also offer full customization of the apps for clinics with advanced needs. Contact us for more information.

How soon can you build an app for us?

It usually takes 2-4 weeks to build and release an app for a typical clinic.

What do you need from us to build an app?

All we need is a hi-resolution photos of the medical team at your clinic, and your logo in vector format (.pdf, .eps, .ai). All other content, photo galleries, and theme styling for your app are usually available to us from your website.

How will people hear about our app?

We optimize your app to get listed prominently in the Apple and Google Play stores. We also recommend clinics add "Available in App Store" type buttons on their websites, and add links to their apps on their email footers. Many clinics have had success as well promoting their apps as part of their existing marketing campaigns.

Do you just do plastic or bariatric clinic apps, or other fields?

Our parent company, Pixineers Inc., is a professional healthcare software development firm with deep experience building healthcare-focused apps for all fields. Contact us to discuss your project.

Are you an iOS or Android Developer?

We now offer our SDK for licensing to developers who wish to develop their own iOS or Android plastic surgery application but would like to use our morphing and plastic surgery visualization technology behind the scenes. Contact us to learn more.

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