How to virtually simulate Chin Augmentation & Neck Lift (lower rhytidectomy)

A neck lift, or lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the jawline and neck.

You can now easily simulate a chin augmentation or implant on your own photos using FaceTouchUp’s Virtual Plastic Surgery Simulator.

The program works best on profile chin photos, and once you’re done your chin augmentation simulation, you can send your before/after photos to your facial plastic surgeon for review to see if the end result is possible or not.

In addition to chin augmentation, you can also remove any extra fat under the neck to simulate a neck lift. Chin augmentation accompanied with neck lift usually yields a more youthful looking chin profile. All this can be done via FaceTouchUp’s virtual plastic surgery software.

How to use FaceTouchUp to simulate chin & neck lift

Changing the side profile of your neck & chin

Step 1 : Upload photo and use Reshape tool

The reshape tool is the most helpful tool when simulating neck & chin lift surgeries.

Click and drag the area on the chin & neck that requires change. Evident changes are shown as the area is being dragged. Release the mouse to lock in the desired change. Use the tool to smooth out bumps or imperfections and refine the contours of the neck or chin until the desired image is produced.

How to simulate chin and neck lift step 1

Step 2 : Make finer adjustments

To make finer changes, zoom into a picture or change the brush size using the sliders.

In order to edit the changes already made, there is an “undo” button to go back as many steps as needed. To reapply changes, use the redo button.

How to simulate chin and neck lift step 3

Step 3 : Use the Drawing features (commercial license needed)

Doctors with a commercial license also have access to Drawing tools that can be used to annotate the image with lines, free-hand drawing, and text to highlight incision lines and add additional information to the image.

This greatly helps communication with patients and helps them visualize surgery results.

How to simulate chin and neck lift step 1

Step 4 : Show plastic surgery before/after & animation

Click the Show Before/After menu item to see the result. The animation tab shows the changes in a cool animation.

The before/after images & animation gives a clear representation of the changes a patient can expect after a plastic surgery.

How to simulate rhinoplasty step 6

Step 5 : Save before/after or send emails

To save the simulated images, use the Save menu from the toolbar. From the dialog, choose the options to save “Before”, “after” and “animated” images as needed.

Doctors with a commercial license can also send emails to patients directly from within the tool. The contents of the email can be customized by the doctor.

How to simulate rhinoplasty step 8

Sample before & after photo

Chin and Neck lift before & after image


Chin and Neck lift before & after image

As you can see, it just takes a few minutes to simulate Chin and neck lift surgeries using FaceTouchUp. Our advanced AI-based tools make FaceTouchUp the best software to simulate Chin and neck lift surgeries accurately.

Now it’s your turn! Launch our nose job simulation tool to try it out with your own photos.