Virtual Chin Augmentation & Neck Lift Simulation

You can now easily simulate a chin augmentation or implant on your own photos using FaceTouchUp’s Virtual Plastic Surgery Simulator.

The program works best on profile chin photos, and once you’re done your chin augmentation simulation, you can send your before/after photos to your facial plastic surgeon for review to see if the end result is possible or not.

In addition to chin augmentation, you can also remove any extra fat under the neck to simulate a neck lift. Chin augmentation accompanied with neck lift usually yields a more youthful looking chin profile. All this can be done via FaceTouchUp’s virtual plastic surgery software.

Chin Augmentation & Neck Lift Step by Step Instructions

Step 1
Zoom into the neck area using the scroll wheel or zoom slider.
Step 2
Click and drag the neck area upwards to remove fat.
Step 3
Click and drag the chin area forwards to simulate implant.
Step 4
Tweak as necessary.
Step 5
Click before/after menu item to compare the simulated result to the original, side by side!