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Plastic Surgery Visualization with FaceTouchUp

FaceTouchUp helps you visualize plastic surgery procedures on your own photos. In this video, we show you how to simulate chin, nose, and neck cosmetic surgery procedures using FaceTouchUp in less than 2 minutes. Watch the video, then go here to try the tool yourself!

As you can see, FaceTouchUp makes it real easy to perform ‘virtual plastic surgery’ on your own photos and evaluate what look fits you best. Many plastic surgery practices offer a similar service as FaceTouchUp. It’s often referred to as ‘computer imaging’ or ‘digital imaging’. But now, you can do this at home, before you visit the doctor and without any pressure.

Complete Rhinoplasty Visualization with FaceTouchUp

In this video, we focus exclusively on rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and show you how to simulate this procedure on both front and side photos: