Real vs. Virtually Simulated Plastic Surgery Results

FaceTouchup's plastic surgery simulator can help patients visualize accurate results and help surgeons convey their ! In this video, we show you how accurately surgery results can be shown using FaceTouchUp in less than 2 minutes. The accuracy of our simulator allows patients to visualize a precise depiction of their surgery outcome. Watch the video then click here to try the tool yourself!

Empowering Plastic Surgeons: FaceTouchUp's Real Vs. Simulated Surgery Photo Comparison

Real Plastic Surgery Results Compared to Simulated Results

The image on the far left shows the patient's pre-surgery picture. The picture in the center shows the simulated surgery results using FaceTouchup's plastic surgery simulator. Finally, on the far right, you can see the real, healed results of the patients after the rhinoplasty. As you can see, FaceTouchUp's simulator can create almost exact simulations of possible surgery outcomes. For surgeons, this can be an amazing tool to ease patients before surgery by providing them a glimpse into their future.
front view rhinoplasty real and AI simulated results

Here is another example of a profile simulation of a rhinoplasty and the real surgery results. On the left, you can see the patients pre-surgery picture. In the center, see the simulated image with FaceTouchUp's plastic surgery simulator. Finally, the right image is the patient's real surgery results. FaceTouchUp's wide range of features allows for many types of surgery simulations, from rhinoplasty to liposuction to bariatric surgery.
profile rhinoplasty real and AI simulated results

It's incredibly easy to simulate accurate results with FaceTouchUp, whether you are a surgeon or a patient. Click here to try the tool yourself!