Integrate FaceTouchUp into your Clinic Website

Maximize your clinic’s potential with FaceTouchUp's seamless website integration. Designed for efficiency and simplicity, our plastic surgery simulator can be effortlessly embedded into your existing website, transforming it into a dynamic patient engagement platform.

Benefits of integrating FaceTouchUp's simulator into your clinic website:

Increase patient lead conversions

Integrating our simulator into your website can help increase patient lead conversions by almost 25%

Rank higher on search engines (Google)

Patients trying out simulations means they stay longer on your site. This signals search engines to boost your clinic in search rankings, helping new patients find you with ease.

Save time on consultations

With FaceTouchUp, patients arrive well-prepared, making each consultation more efficient and to the point.

Customize your integrated simulator

FaceTouchUp simulator is infinitely customizable. This ensures our component fits seamlessly into your website.

Easy Integration, Instant Impact

Integrating FaceTouchUp is straightforward and quick. You'll notice an increase in patient interest as soon as it goes live on your site.

Transform Your Plastic Surgery Website: Integrate FaceTouchUp Simulator to Boost Patient Leads

How can I integrate FaceTouchUp into my website? Follow these easy steps!

Step 1 : Go to the FaceTouchUp and schedule a call on the Contact page. Or send us a message from the ContactUs page.
Step 2 : Sign up for a Website-Integration subscription.
Step 3 : Get a Web-Integration License.
Step 4 : Send Web-Integration instructions from Dashboard to your website management team.
Step 5 : Watch you patient leads increase!