A complete guide on using FaceTouchUp to simulate plastic surgery results

FaceTouchUp Plastic Surgery Simulator is a simple but effective tool that allows you to edit images to simulate the effects of plastic surgery on a face or body. Our Simulator has helped many surgeons and medical professionals visualize the surgical outcomes for their patients.

We provide our users with ease of access from everywhere. You can use the Simulator on your desktop, mobile, or tablet. We recommend that our surgeons use our Simulator in their browser because they can access it from anywhere and avoid installing the application on their systems.

FaceTouchUp simulator - A complete guide

Launching Simulator

Start by opening the Simulator on your web browser. Our plastic surgery simulator has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Unlike other editing tools, we provide our users with the most efficient and accurate results.

launch facetouchup
Upload a photo

Start with opening a photo already on the device or using the device camera to take an image of the patient. We recommend using a clear photo with a plain background for accurate results.

We also provide several sample photos to test the software and simulations for free.

Open photo in facetouchup

Our Simulator offers advanced AI-based tools for simulating plastic surgeries. Once you get adept at using the tools, you can use them creatively to show your patients likely surgical outcomes.

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The reshape tool is the most used tool for multiple surgical operations. You can use the reshape tool while simulating a Rhytidectomy, Rhinoplasty, Breast Lift and much more. >

For example, while simulating a Rhinoplasty, you can use the reshape tool to adjust the nose according to requirements. As you can see, a click-and-drag motion will make changes to the area under the pointer. It is important to adjust the brush size and zoom to make more fine-grained changes.

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Shrink and Grow

Shrink and grow tools are most useful when performing a Breast Augmentation procedure or if you want to decrease/increase the size of any feature.

For example, while simulating Breast Augmentation, placing the Grow tool at the center of the breast and dragging away from the center will help increase the size of the breast. They are easy to use, and you can adjust them with a click and drag motion over the desired area.

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Blemish Removal

The Blemish Removal tool will remove any unwanted scars or acne. Using the blemish removal tool is easy and fast. Simply click on the area that needs changes. Adjust the brush size to effect a larger size.

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Wrinkle Removal

This tool helps remove wrinkles from the face by simply clicking and dragging the tool over the wrinkled area. You can adjust the intensity of the brush according to your needs. The 'Auto' wrinkle removal feature is convenient and will automatically apply the wrinkle-removal effect on the entire face.

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Skin Smoothening

The Skin Smoothening tool will help smoothen the skin. This tool is effective while performing any anti-aging procedures. The Auto skin smoothening will automatically apply the skin smoothening to the entire face. You can adjust the slider to vary the intensity of the effect.

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Eye Tools

The eye tools will help simulate surgeries affecting the eyes' size, Width, Eyelid Height, and Distance of the eyes. A scroll bar makes it easier to adjust the eye characteristic you want to change.

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Eye Bag Removal

The Eye Bag Removal tool will help simulate removing Eye Bags. The slider allows you to adjust the level of the effect. This feature enhances the facial features for a younger look.

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The Draw tool is specially designed for Surgeons and Medical professionals. Surgeons can use this tool to demonstrate surgical lines and annotate the patient's image during consultations.

This tool allows you to draw freehand and add lines and text to the image.

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Brush Size

The brush size can be adjusted using this scroll bar. Adjusting the brush size is very important in fine-tuning various simulations. [show short-cut key on screen as a message.

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Zoom and Pan

By adjusting the slider, you can zoom in or out of the image to produce more accurate simulations.

When zoomed in, you can use the Pan feature to navigate through the image by simply clicking and dragging the cursor on the image.

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Undo, Redo, and Reset

These basic editing tools allow you to reverse changes while simulating any surgical result. You can go back to previous edits or vice versa by using the Undo and Redo tools, or you can remove all the changes you have made with the Reset tool.

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Before/After Overlay

Surgeons and Medical Professionals can use this tool to compare their changes. It overlays the before and after images on the screen. This greatly helps the patient to visualize the changes.

Open photo in facetouchup
  1. Remove Background:You can remove the background if the photo does not have a clear background. This tool is recommended for surgeons as it produces the most accurate results.
  2. Show Outline: This feature works best on a side profile photo. This will indicate the changes in the form of an outline. 
  3. Blend: This scroll bar will blend in with the changes made. Adjusting the scroll bar changes the amount of before and after images shown on the screen.  >
Remove Branding

Surgeons are provided with this feature to remove any branding watermark from the image. The branding can be removed by toggling the button.

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Show Before/After

This feature will show the Before and after images after you have simulated the changes. You can preview it in a side-by-side layout or choose the animated view. The animated view is great in showcasing the changes a patient can expect.

Open photo in facetouchup
  1. Save Image:You can save the image on your desktop using this option. You can select whether you want to save an animated image, a before or after image, or both. Doctors and surgeons can also download the images with the drawings they have made with the Draw tools. They can select a 'Before Image with Drawing' or an 'After Image with Drawing.' for this option. 
  2. Send Email:Doctors and Medical Professionals can also send the results via email directly from within the software. You can customize the email content and also send it to multiple people at a time.